The orthodox Christian theology of Hadley Robinson

The U.S. Election of 2012

by Hadley Robinson

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. – Isaiah 5:20

God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. – Rom. 1:24

There is an evil I have seen under the sun, the sort of error that arises from a ruler: Fools are put in many high positions, while the rich occupy the low ones.  I have seen slaves on horseback,  while princes go on foot like slaves. – Ecc. 10:5-7


The recent election was a watershed event, a triumph of evil, and the result of a long process.  We should not be surprised.  For the last forty years our nation has allowed the wanton murder of little ones in the womb.  Such a people as this is capable of any evil, however monstrous and cruel.  If Americans are so senseless in this regard, what is next?  What awaits us from the people (mostly Marxists and their clones) who have installed themselves at the top of our government?  The American public has given the world a government from the Gates of Hell.
Their principle goal is making some perfect world where every need is met -- and everyone is a slave to the State.  Marxism is a marriage between evil charismatic ruthless men and greedy spiteful people who resent those who succeed in life.  Intelligent people who have these character qualities are particularly dangerous.  No one can blame Mao Tse Tung or Josef Stalin alone for their murderous rampages.  Before they even ascended to power, the citizenry of their respective countries were given over to every sort of evil.  These leaders filled a vacuum made by the people themselves.  The Creator gave their citizens the leaders they deserved.

We have the worst of all men conniving together to prey on their victims.  These bloodthirsty thieves make it all sound so noble.Obama the Communist

With this being our situation, how should faithful Christians respond?  What should we be doing?  This tests the foundations of our faith and we must ask ourselves, is it His world or ours?  A mix? What is faithfulness on our part with regards to the Creator's lordship over events in the world?  Do our plans for the future clash with His?
Most in the Church do not realize how complete the Marxist victory is in our nation.  It and its humanist foundations are deeply rooted in what Americans think and do – our views of contraception, abortion, adultery, and divorce; in our politics; in the changes to American English; in the raising of children; in the widespread immorality; in the themes of popular movies; in most Gospel tracts; in the dramatic growth and power of government; in the proliferation of laws to regulate every corner of human life....  And the fruit of this victory is evident: A death spiral into depravity, narcissism, and tyranny.
The dilemma cannot be solved with peaceful means because it is a character problem with the American citizenry.  God's converting grace can take care of it.  But will this occur?  It is unlikely and, as the Scriptures seem to teach, impossible at this point.  When cultures pass a certain point of indulgence in wickedness they are abandoned to it (c.f. Amos 4:4ff) and no atonement can be applied or be effective (c.f. Num. 35:33).  We are much worse than Nineveh.
If American culture as a whole is not beyond the Biblical cut-off point for grace, than what culture ever was or can be? Cosmopolitan whore #1
If Sodom was destroyed without warning or pity, on what basis can we be spared?  We are a people that has received so much light century after century and now utterly reject it.  Jesus said that Capernaum would not be spared for this reason (Matt. 11:21).  Has God's character changed?  Some teach this – it is an ancient heresy know as Marcionism.  The Christian city of Constantinople – an independent kingdom for over 800 years – was overrun by the Muslims in 1453 A.D.  It apparently did not occur to them that the Creator judges His people and can sweep them away.  Were there ten righteous in the city?  We will never know.  But the land vomited them out (Lev. 18:25).
For the humanists in the church, it is unthinkable that God does not love everybody who ever lived all of the time.  But Scripture, including John 3:16, does not teach this.  God is not asleep nor busy in another universe.  His plans may be nothing less than the complete destruction of a people (c.f. Lam. 2; Zep. 2:13; Jer. 50:21ff).  It appears that this is the point where we are as a nation.
Hopefully, this is an incorrect assessment of the situation.  But if so, where is the evidence – anywhere – of a turn around other than by a tiny few?  What hope is there in the feckless U. S. Congress, increasingly filled with scheming self-seekers and perverts dressed in expensive suits?  There are some there who are tireless workers – but they are workers of evil, not of the good.  How can any respectable person be a Supreme Court justice?  How could he have anything to do with a system that authorized the murder of the unborn and not cry out day and night of the evils of that Court?  What would some of our more honorable national Founders have thought of this descent?  It is likely George Washington would have rounded them all up, hanged most of them as traitors, and imprisoned the rest.  The men around Adolf Hitler had all of the respect and honor due decent people but they were not so, much like the adulterer and homosexual of today.
Nonetheless, the Church is still here and our role does not change whatever God's plans are for the U.S.  The Scriptures teach that the world does not have a bright and shining future but, instead, faces the prospect of a triumph of evil led by Satan himself before the final victory of the Savior we love.  Antichrists in abundance are coming into the world.  What can be the result of such an invasion?  It cannot be good news for those whose hope is in this life rather than in the real Life that is to come.
In the end, we can only behave ourselves and do good where we live and not contribute to the social and political mayhem that is going on around us.  This is to say nothing of our responsibility to be light in the darkness in which we find ourselves which is to proclaim the Gospel by how we live, in particular.  God's plan for us may not be something we expect (1Pet. 4:12) which is why we must be alert and ready.

The Church Today

1.  One paradigm could best describe the Church in the west:  The adoption of easy believism.  "Come to Jesus, no repentance required.  He will fulfill your needs, whatever they are."  Nowhere in the Scriptures is this taught or implied but people love it.  Teachers everywhere ignore, water down, or change the Biblical definition of repentance.  On the other hand, all who claim to know and believe in Christ must turn away from sin, especially immorality and any sort of idolatry.  True believers hate sin by nature.  Because of rampant sin and rebellion against God, the universe is going to be destroyed with fire – but few care.  "It will not happen in my lifetime" – maybe....
 Women's Health whore #1
2.  Like so much of the Church in history, it appears that many have chosen to throw their lot in with the heathen and adopt their depraved values, especially adultery and wantonness (Eph. 4:19).  This invites divine judgment.  Holy living is not an option for God's Elect, as countless have discovered over the ages.  The Apostle Paul wrote,

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people. Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person–such a man is an idolater–has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.  Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient.  Therefore do not be partners with them. – Eph. 5:3-7
"Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness." - 2Tim. 2:19

We do not have mere hints of immorality in the Church, we have bold and relentless exhibitions of unrepentant sin everywhere a man looks.  Peter also wrote,

...what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming. That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat.  But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness. – 2Pet. 3:11-13

Too many are absorbed in having their felt needs met by the American church culture.  Rick Warren is an example of a shrewd leader who has exploited this narcissistic tendency.  Our race is so burdened with this sin.
3.  Other branches of the Church recognize the crisis.  Listen to this commentary by Michael Voris, a faithful Roman Catholic.  I was stunned the first time I heard it.  Some of his comments are referred to in this essay.

Broadly, where is the U.S. as a nation?

It is understatement to describe the general culture as sexually immoral and
no longer good.
The majority are adrift – without solid foundation.  The focus is on the base and the vulgar.  Godlessness, greed, sloth, and every sort of excess are encouraged, celebrated, and rewarded.  The average American has no more sense than the average German in 1938.
 Cosmopolitan whore #2
It is a vacuum that has allowed cultural and political radicals to infiltrate our nation's places of leadership.  These people have implemented many of the Marxist principles needed for taking over a nation.  They include: 1. Nationalization of major industries (bailouts).  2. Forced redistribution of wealth (Obamacare). 3. Discrediting/marginalizing the opposition (DHS has declared returning veterans, 2nd Amendment rights activists, conservative Christians, and prolife people as "potential terrorists").  3. Banning firearms in the hands of citizens.  4. Establishing a U.S. equivalent of Mao's Chinese Red Guards or the Nazi Brown Shirts. (This is discussed later in this essay.)  5. Tearing down the traditional family via immorality, public education, and pornography.
Like the righteous Obadiah in 1Kings 18, we face dangerous and cunning enemies at the top who will not tolerate those who condemn, among other things, the taking of earnings from one man and giving it to another, homosexuality, abortion, and the wanton behavior now practiced by most Americans.  Nonetheless, the Scriptures teach that people deserve the leadership they get.  Like the early Christians, we suffer in many ways having to live among such a people.
Rampant immorality, especially the trading of husbands and wives, destroys the heart and soul of a people.  For example, the non-Muslim parts of the African continent are broken beyond repair.  Civil order is scant, virgins over ten years of age unknown, theft and murder ubiquitous, and life-long faithful marriage between a man and a woman rarer than fine gold.  It is a savage place and we are well on our way to becoming the same.
How can a good people tolerate those in power who profit in one way or another from the social chaos?  The more there is, the more our civil liberties disappear and the government's grip tightens.
How can the noble embrace abortion (especially partial birth abortion), sodomy, and every sort of depravity?

An example is the lurid displays of Cosmopolitan magazine in every drugstore and supermarket in the U.S.  It typifies the broader attitude of the nation towards human sexuality:  Wanton women available anytime (and for free) and plenty of men to take care of them.
How do women whose behavior is akin to dogs in heat encourage peace, orderliness, and stability in the family?  As the family becomes destabilized, government steps in and with dreadful results.
That any court would give cover for the mass murder of the abortion holocaust is astonishing.  Americans would rather murder their young than give up their immoralities.
Does being the center of the universe for pornography and violence in entertainment qualify a nation as being good?
At least, we are still great in military strength and our soldiers are among the best in world but that is changing as more men enter the armed forces who have no moral foundations, whatsoever.  Soldiers like this are like the Japanese soldiers who rounded up the people of Nanking China in 1937 and in indulged in an orgy of plunder, murder, and rape.
A sick and dying culture like ours creates the sociopaths who gun down classrooms full of small children, as recently happened in Connecticut.  It encourages sloth by not requiring that all people take care of themselves rather than rely on government handouts.  It encourages immorality and licentiousness by rewarding it.  The more children a woman without any means of support has, the more money she makes.  Why work?  Those who do not, cannot, or will not work get free food, free housing, and free education, including free cell phones.
For our enemies, especially the Muslims, it is good news.  They will not have to waste their own lives and treasure attacking us – we will do the job nicely for them.  Already our nation is hopelessly divided.  How is there any meeting ground between the promoters of thievery, sodomy, and abortion with the godly?  What does the Temple of the living God have in common with idols (2Cor. 6:14-18)?

Psalm 37, 73 and other Scripture tell us that we will not see much justice here until the End of the World.  Meanwhile, we must be content with His will, as the Scriptures teach those who find themselves in such circumstances and, like Jesus, do good whenever we can (Acts 10:38).

Nationalism has too much influence in the churches

Nationalism has been prevalent in the American church since the Republic was founded.  But it is incompatible with the Christian faith.  We can have serious disagreements with national policy but it is neither treason nor subversion, as the nationalist often claims.  Patriotism and nationalism cut the citizen loose from the Creator and His standards for good government.  This is evident in our national policy to legitimize homosexual behavior and legalize abortion.

Glamour whore #1According to the nationalist, a good Christian must always be a good citizen of the State.  During the period of the Third Reich, a good Christian had to be a good Nazi.  Those brothers who defied the nationalists were denounced, imprisoned, murdered, and/or banished.  It was similar during the rebellion of the American Colonies.  The godly often face crises because they are falsely equated with a nation's real enemies.  However, godly Christians are model citizens because they are obedient.  In particular, they pay their taxes willingly, serve valiantly in the armed forces, obey the laws, and have nothing to do with subversion or rebellion.  We must live such good lives here that the people we find ourselves among can glorify God someday (1Pet. 2:12).

If we discover that we are about to be forced to do that which is ungodly, we must refuse and may have to suffer the consequences (Dan. 3:18; Acts 5:29ff).  If possible, fleeing is a good alternative, as did the Pilgrims and Huguenots.

We must not oppose the magistrate with violence because God Himself appoints all rulers of men – including bad ones.  It is hard to understand but men like Josef Stalin and Nebuchadnezzar were sent for His purposes.   He also deposes them and why we must not take matters into our own hands.  We demonstrate that we are valuable assets to any worldly kingdom, more so than other citizens (2 Pet. 2:12).  Even under the most horrific rulers, the godly can have a place of importance where they can promote good (c.f. Obadiah in 1Kings 18).

Unfortunately, this is difficult to understand for the deist, the humanist, the nationalist, and others who make the Christian faith secondary or try to mix it with non-Christian worldviews.  The Founders of our own nation, as great as they were in many ways, were unwilling to let the LORD have His way.  They were not self-serving and they often prayed.  But where in Scripture does any godly leader pray for success in leading a rebellion?  King David, for example, went so far as to denounce those who would attempt to take the life of his murderous enemy, King Saul (2Sam. 1:14).   For the Founders, God was asleep or busy in the areas that really count.  If He was attentive to worldly affairs, why did He not correct the unpopular legislation laid on the Colonies by the British Parliament?  As a result, most Colonists chose to take matters into their own hands.  But this type of action cannot stand up to the teaching of the Prophets regarding the divine authority of the magistrate.  This is discussed in greater detail in another essay.  Briefly, John Locke's arguments in this regard are specious and a misuse of Scripture but, in fairness to Mr. Locke, he was not a Christian but had a quasi-Christian worldview.

If we water down the Scriptures enough, we could say that we were a Christian nation at some time.  Countless can say,  "Yes, I believe Jesus was somebody good and I like the Bible.”  What kind of Biblical faith is that?  Who has paid attention to the polls of George Barna?  When Americans were asked about the virgin birth and the bodily resurrection of Christ, the faithful shrink down into the single digits, as we would expect.  Anyway, most in the Protestant church reject the bodily resurrection of Christ.  Most Roman Catholics functionally worship Mary, a form of idolatry.

If there were some in our history who, as an organized society, were largely faithful to God in their conduct and life it would have been the Pilgrims.

Mr. Obama is an antichrist

I believe (and Mr. Voris suggests) that the current President is an antichrist.  He is a protected man – it is amazing.  Nothing sticks to him.  How could a political radical with no leadership experience whatever (governor, mayor, alderman, city councilman, justice of the peace, etc.) move so quickly to the highest executive office in the land?  We know nothing of his life in the universities except his association with American leftists, dopeheads, terrorists, and his later affinity for churches run by anti-white bigots.  Where did his money come from?  How did he live without ever having an ordinary job?  He has magic with people, especially blacks.  He promotes vice (sodomy), sloth (refusal to take personal responsibility), and dependence on government.  Mr. Obama is more fit as a leader and spokesman for a band of thieves or some savage African country than for a great nation like the U.S.  He has disgraced the United States by bowing down before the great dictators of the world, including the Saudi king.

Marxists, socialists, environ-Nazis, supporters of abortion and sexual depravity were thrilled with his election.  They know that he will see to it that political radicals, pro-abortionists, and homosexuals will be appointed to the Federal executive and judiciary at all levels.  (Lt. Gen. [Ret.] W. G. Boykin made an informative video of the Marxist takeover of the U.S.)  During the times of the later kings, Judah had a beautiful Temple and active worship.  Princeton Seminary (which I attended) looked the same in the 1930's as it did in its earlier days.  But inside the temple and the seminary there was a fundamental change at the heart.  The exteriors were the same but the core had rejected the living and active God who created the universe and rules over all.

So it is with the Federal Government.  The exterior looks the same but the insides have changed.  The nation's leading founder, George Washington (a deist), would not recognize the government of today and would oppose it.  Those who have seized control loath the heart of the Constitution:  Limited republican government that leaves to the States all but the most essential functions necessary to a central government.  The American public – as a whole – is just as bad as the elites who dominate the political parties, the universities, and the media.  This is the reason why one cannot criticize the current Federal government without pointing a finger to the voters who elected them all.  The people of our nation have to take the primary responsibility for those they have put in power.

If one reads about the rise of Mr. Hitler during the 1930’s, there are many similarities with the rise of our current head of state.  According to the current leader, true Christians are not some sort of “loyal opposition” but enemies.  Mr. Obama’s choice of words is chilling.  In the United States, no longer do minority views invite accommodation or even discussion.  We suffer a form of tyranny worse than the early Colonists as the national government today is more intrusive and hostile.  We are not represented in any practical way.  There is no other view but theirs because all others, they claim, are dangerous and wrong.  Marxists have no qualms in using the police state to enforce compliance and brutally suppress dissent.
 Self whore #1
We need to take all of this to heart and not be caught unawares.  We are enemies of the people. The political radicals who control the Federal government can strip us of life, liberty, property, and any ideas we might have to pursue some happiness here.  They will do more to silence and marginalize dissent.  Things like habeas corpus, firearm ownership, search without probable cause, and home schooling will be done away with, as they are in most nations.  Government spying will become ubiquitous.
For example, Federal agents can tear apart a vehicle without probable cause or a warrant at the many checkpoints deep inside U.S. borders.  Federal judges have laid the groundwork for this and more tyranny.  I went to college with these people in the 60's and I know them well.  Most voters could care less as long they have their free benefits, perversions, and other lusts and cravings taken care of.  Executive agencies, like the TSA, have a "green light" from the Courts to pretty much do what they want.  Recently, a sailplane pilot was arrested (and almost shot down) for flying over a secret "no-fly zone" – airspace that was not labeled as restricted on air charts.  It was a harrowing experience for the pilot.  All charges were dropped, of course, and he was released but this is one of the precursors of what is to come when political radicals are in charge.  Your civil rights, especially if you are a white man, are in serious jeopardy.  Black leadership wants the white man (excepting their white cronies) to be humbled and pay for his crimes -- mostly notably the "crimes" of success, moral living, and hard work.  Many  organizations that are concerned with civil rights recognize that the American legal system has been taken over.  What is their solution?  Send them money...and lots of it.
So, how does one overcome the mighty Federal judiciary?  Will a handful of more godly lawyers who may become judges here and there do the job?  What kind of strategy is this that has any chance of overwhelming nearly every law school in the U.S.?  There is no solution to the general crisis that involves money.
Mr. Voris’ assessment of his own church is an eye opener, too.  I thought it was the Protestants who were mainly invaded by the modernists, as he calls them.   Is it only the Protestants who are engaged in a contest with each other to mimic the culture and its values?  Apparently not….
Godly Christians will likely agree with his assessment of where things are going, Roman Catholic or Protestant:  Violent persecution of the Church.  The militant homosexual juggernaut moves ahead crushing its enemies.  Like the men of Sodom, they will stop at nothing.  The big prize is the overturning of all law defining marriage as between a man and woman (Author's note: this happened in 2015).  Another is the destruction of the Boy Scouts and the military, as we know it.  (Author's note: this has now happened as of 2014)   God can only help the faithful in the churches.
Most of the Protestant post-election commentaries want us to “try harder” (a.k.a. mass market the Gospel better) and bring America back to its so-called Christian roots.  This is a Sisyphean task.  Americans know what they want, how to get it, and God help anyone who gets in their way.
Mr. Voris believes we are in steep social and political decline – I would sadly agree.  Is there anyone left in the Church who hates immorality, divorce, and adultery?
The trinity of Hell (the Devil, the False Prophet, and the Antichrist) plot away.  Why should they work anywhere else?  What other nation has such military and cultural power and influence?  Our weapons are terrifying.  Who can match the influence of the American media?  Our universities have the smartest and most cunning people on earth.  We are the center of the universe for perversion.  Our nation has deep economic tentacles around the globe that enable our government to bully anyone.  What aspects of foreign U.S. policy are godly?  Is establishing universal homosexual "marriage" and abortion rights all we have to offer?  Freedom? (Freedom to do what, in particular?)  Seizing the wealth of others?  Punishing the white man?

What to do?

Though Mr. Voris does not say it explicitly, he and I agree that we in the Church need to mind our own business.  This means to clean up our own mess.  By that I mean the Church must rid herself of the unrepentant immoral and those who steal.  Christians should be taught the evils of nationalism and humanism.   It means to lie low and understand the signs of the times as did Obadiah in 1Kings 18.  “Trying harder” is not what we should do – unless one is a deist whose hope is in the kingdoms of this world and in the U.S., in particular.  Some have been trying harder for decades but where are the results?  The harder we try to fix our nation, the worse it seems to get.  Meanwhile, it is easy to neglect the things that are important for Christians:  Living holy lives of love and forgiveness.

What we should be doing:

1.  Meditate on Rev. 13:7-8 and take heart

He [the beast or Antichrist] was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast–all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.

Our LORD Jesus may choose not to spare some of us from persecution.  Only those who have the Spirit will find the strength to remain faithful.  The Devil's seed will continue to infiltrate the visible church.  Does your church have a great statement of faith?  It does not matter.  Princeton Seminary had the best theologians to ever come out of the American church with systematic theologies, creeds and statements to match.  But it helped little in the end.  Radicals hijacked the seminary, anyway. 

Wherever God erects a house of prayer,
The Devil always builds a chapel there;
And ’twill be found, upon examination,
The latter has the largest congregation.
    – Daniel Defoe, The True-Born Englishman

2.  Watch our lives carefully

So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking.  They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more. – Eph. 4:17-19

We are called to live holy lives in complete love, joy, and obedience.  It is pretty simple.  We need to reject the myths of the Reformation concerning marriage, especially that there is any such thing as divorce.  If a man and a woman become like brother and sister, but more so, how can they ever cease to be related (Gen. 2:24)?  Dt. 24 is routinely misinterpreted by the modern evangelical church.  It is about uncleanness, not about divorce.  Even so, this passage of Scripture confirms that the marriage bond exists even after the death of one spouse, my sister is still my sister even if she misbehaves or dies.  It is so simple but few want to hear it.  The marriage bond exceeds the bond between a man and his son.  The son can be terrible but he will not cease to be his son.  The early Church taught that all re-marriage after anything but the death of a spouse was adulterous. 
Most do not know that the New Testament Greek text used to make the Reformation translations was doctored so to cause confusion on the Bible's teaching about so-called divorce and re-marriage.  This changed Church teaching that was in place for more than a thousand years.  (For a more thorough discussion of this issue, please go here.)
We do not fight against flesh and blood so putting up a fight with ordinary weapons is useless.  (I am not suggesting that resisting personal criminal violence is not allowed, c.f. Luke 22:36.)  Furthermore, we must not incite the heathen authorities against us for the wrong reasons, as so many have already done. It is easier for us not to be busybodies (1Thess. 4:11) if we have a proper understanding of civil authority and how it comes about (Rom. 13; 1Pet. 2:13).

3.  Be prepared to vote with our feet

Should the Church seek a change of venue?  It does not appear that anywhere else on the planet is better other than the deserts, mountains, caves, and holes in the ground (Heb. 11:38).  Few countries outside the Islamic world punish sodomy, adultery, and other forms of immorality.  In any case, there is nothing like persecution to scatter Christians and their faith to the ends of the earth (Acts 8).
Experience demonstrates that Christians in our land do not generally consider persecution a part of the equation for God's Elect. Bob Russell particularly noted he was thankful he did not live in Washington State where so-called marriage unions among homosexuals were recently approved.

The spread of this perversion is unstoppable simply because it is powered by the demonic world and the chief of Hell, Satan himself.

If the entire U.S. embraces sodomy and their depraved practices, it may be a sign that the time to flee has come.  But where?  It is a tough question at the moment.  Remember John Bunyan and John Wycliffe?  They were the Paul Schneider's of their day.  Fewer and fewer godly men will be in government unless it is by stealth (c.f. Obadiah 1 Kings 18:3).  Speaking against men who practice homosexual perversion is now the same as being a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  The wicked claim they were "born this way."  What about murderers?  Were they born that way?  It is all so specious.  It also helps explain why these people are so violent:  They have no substance to their discussion but the defense of vice.

4.  Leave military service

Those who are in the military should plan to leave soon.  Staying may require the doing of something regrettable or, at least, being a party to it.  There were many soldiers in the army of the Third Reich who wished they had left Germany in 1933.  Eventually, the soul of a nation's armed forces reflects the soul of its commanders – and people.
Despite this, being a soldier is a highly honored profession according to Scripture.  The most honored men in the New Testament were the Roman Centurions – demonstrating more faith than any in Israel (Matt. 8:10).  Generally, there has been a great contrast between the disciplined conduct of our soldiers in recent times and those of other nations, especially the Russian, Japanese, and Islamic armies.  Sadly, the majority of citizens including the current President are unworthy of the courage, skill, and sacrifice of our own Armed Forces.  Nonetheless, an international crisis could require the induction of large numbers of American young men.  How would they behave coming from such a narcissistic, immoral, and godless culture?  Would they conduct themselves as the Soviet Army did during its occupation of Vienna in 1945 -- another rampage of rape and murder?  When I was arrested during pro-life demonstrations in the late 1980's, I witnessed many things I thought only happened in places like China or Cuba.  I witnessed gangs of homosexuals attack peaceful protesters.  I encountered violent lawless men who wore police uniforms.  I saw political protestors incarcerated with dangerous criminals in the jails, just as they were in the Gulags of the former Soviet Union.  I witnessed Christian men, badly beaten, unconscious, and covered with their own blood, being taken out of our jail by EMS.  It caused a seismic shift in my own thinking -- the U. S. is not a safe place for God's people.  It is a lawless place run by elite criminals -- the descendants of leaders like King Herod and Stalin.

5.  Be prepared for economic loss

We must consider the Devil’s usual plots to harass us.  The mark in Rev. 13:16 identifies his control of Babylon and her evil business of profit without God.  For example, the recent healthcare legislation (Obamacare) is merely another Marxist scheme to redistribute wealth, something one of Mr. Obama's own appointees has publicly admitted.  If you are a homosexual with AIDS, the godly must be forced to pay for the consequences of their evil behavior.
Getting out of debt must be a priority.  Scaling down our material desires will help us practice living in austere times – something that is coming soon because of irresponsible legislatures, especially the Congress.  Be prepared to help other Christians in distress.
Marxists are thieves and we must do what we can to protect ourselves from these people.

6. More public disgrace is on its way

For the Elect, this should be taken for granted.

7.  Reject the notion that we can “take the country back”

The current régime and the cultural/political elite hate us.  They are at war with God.  They want our children, our marriages, our property, our guns, our language – our lives and everything associated with them.  Their attacks have spanned decades.  They are patient.  Using the Courts to dismantle our culture piece by piece has been a brilliant and effective tactic.  The propaganda side of the war has also been effective. 
An example of this facet of the attacks has been the ridiculous "gun free zone" signs.  This is something that makes weak willed women (2Tim 3:6) experience a false sense of security but it is a lie.  The enemy does it to equate weapons with illegal drugs and other criminal behavior.  They know that if guns and criminal behavior are associated in the public mind, it will be easier to have the necessary legislation and public approval in place to more easily seize weapons.  It is cunning in its simplicity.
We are overwhelmed at every front.  UPS and AT&T, for example, threw their corporate weight behind the attack on the Boy Scouts and forced them to accept men and boys who practice homosexuality.  What is so discouraging is only a small percentage of the existing troops withdrew from the organization. 
Once the enemy destroys our public institutions, they can more easily pick us off.  Isolated and alone, we are easier targets.  The President is an expert in this.
How, therefore, is it possible to restore things when the enemy's victory is all but complete?  On what front has there been any progress?  Where has the blitzkrieg been reversed?  We are in a defensive situation, somewhere near full retreat.
Taking the country back might have been possible shortly after WWII.  While our good men were giving their lives in Europe and the East, the cancer of Marxism was metastasizing in the law schools and universities.  We were being setup for attack from within our own borders by the appointment of judges who would later overthrow thousands of years of common law and our Constitution, especially common sense.
It is a grim situation from a worldly point of view.  The deist ponders his options, including violent resistance.  But this is not a lawful course for the true Christian because our weapons have never been those of this world (2Cor. 10:4).  (This recent essay by Dean Garrison advocates violent revolution.  Is this writer mad?)  In the Battle of Athens, citizens used deadly force to rid themselves of an illegally constituted local government.
If the Federal government is unlawfully conducting itself in some way according to someone's opinion, then we are back to the grounds of the Civil War.  If the Supreme Court has ruled unjustly, then there is no appeal that is peaceful.  Perhaps this is what the Founders were thinking of when the 2nd Amendment was drafted?  It appears that the political radicals who have seized control of our Federal government are acting illegally in various ways but who decides?
I live in a Texas county that is governed under the influence of Mexican culture.  This is bribery and nepotism central – like most of Mexico.  Who knows who really wins elections by popular vote, especially in the primaries?  Every few months, another handful of public officials here get caught with their hands in the cash drawer.  Both the police chief and mayor of a nearby town were arrested as the main players in a drug smuggling ring.  Another nearby town cannot keep a mayor – each one keeps getting arrested for one crime or another.  How many Federal agents in the drug war have been compromised by the billions of dollars floating around?
It is an epidemic of lawlessness.
How do you stamp out cockroaches in a dirty restaurant?  Get rid of some and there are a thousand more to take the place of the ones that are gone.  The Federal Justice Department cannot keep up with it all -- nor do the people at the top want to keep up with it.

Disorder is the mother's milk of Marxist takeovers of nations.  The current debris running things cannot wait for more excuses to clamp down on citizens who value their civil liberties.  The majority of blacks hate white men and are itching to see them killed by the current regime.  It is a ghastly scenario.

Our drowning in illegal drugs and the influence of enormous sums of cash could be reversed.  But to do so is not in the interests of the Marxists.  Who will be around with deadly force to pick up the pieces?  Mr. Obama has created the Reserve Ready Corp just for this purpose.
We also lack accurate information.  The American Media is little different than the defunct Soviet Pravda.  Editorializing the facts, suppressing important events, and manipulating interviews are the norm. 
Most rebellions are brutally suppressed but a few succeed, as did the rebellion of the Colonists and Mr. Lincoln's War on his own people.  Those who participate in such things face being captured and either punished or killed.  I suppose if one has nothing else to lose, he and some others can make a desperate attempt to fix some problem.  The Taliban has done pretty well considering what they are up against.  But is this the right path for a faithful Christian?  If peace and prosperity in this world are the primary goals, then it may be the only course.
The Biblical grounds for such measures are flimsy, at best.  No one likes oppression by others.  The Jews hated it and were trounced countless times but never learned to repent of their sin.
The Battle of Athens is a small deal compared to taking on an empire.  Murderous thugs regularly seized control of governments during the Old Testament period.  Often, they had a Divine task and would later be swept away because of their own evil deeds.  This is what the rebel is up against: will he wind up fighting against God?  When the magistrate commits crimes against the innocent, there may be Biblical justification to take action with deadly force to stop it.  This is a hard one to decide and should be done with extreme care.  Be sure that whatever a man does, He who searches the heart will judge justly.  It is always better to flee than to resist, as most Christians have done throughout the ages.  In that way, you can be assured that you will not have committed crimes against God's anointed.  Keep in mind that our Kingdom is nowhere to be found in this universe, despite appearances.
It is unfortunate that it does not matter what anyone thinks the Constitution says except the Five.  A simple majority of the unelected lawyers who make up the Supreme Court can decide absolutely anything they desire.  The process to remove these Marxist relativists is not possible.  There is not one high school in ten thousand that might suggest in some civics course that this group of judges constitutes tyranny.

David Koresh had an opinion of the Constitution that was largely correct (his possession of firearms was his business and not the business of the Feds) and look what happened to him.  Had he been a Latino or a black, the outcome of the Waco affair would have been much different.  But these were white men, white women, and their children who could be slaughtered without significant political backlash.  Ruby Ridge was the same. 

Suffice it say, Koresh's character and practices were evil from a Christian point of view but he was not violating any state or local law at the time.  He and his followers wanted to be left alone. 
The armed might of the Federal government is incomprehensible.  Technology that is able to neutralize an enemy continues to advance.  One can only hope the Federal system will end in the same way the Assyrian threat to Israel ended: through internal disruption.  Empires have disappeared overnight and we can only hope the same for this one.  The Creator is able to turn these evil men on themselves or raise up an enemy that is overwhelming.
The recent healthcare legislation known as Obamacare has a section called Establishing a Ready Reserve Corp that would be under the direct control of the President.  This is a euphemism for a national constabulary force during times of a national emergency that, according to Mr. Obama, might equal the size of our armed forces.  While Marxists in the U.S. deny it, it could be used against citizens in the manner of the Nazi Brown Shirts or Mao's Red Guard.
How does anyone "take back" a democratic republic when the majority of the voters are opposed to the core values of the Christian faith and the Constitution?  We are flooded with millions of Mexican nationals who care nothing for political or economic freedom -- they are easy targets for the Marxists and will vote for them every time.  The blacks wallow in vice, immorality, sloth, greed, drug use, and violence.  The Marxists give them what they want and, as a consequence, vote for their masters en masse at the polls.  When 90% of blacks vote for these people, one can know that we are dealing with barbarians.

It’s time to move on and not complicate our lives with things we know will not change nor provide us any benefit.
Here are some victories of the Marxists that support my position that we are in full retreat:

a. The Income Tax Amendment legislated the false notion that responsibility for the expense of government should be apportioned according to the measure of one's abundance – a thinly disguised appeal to the envy, spite, and greed of the average man.
b. The National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act made sure that citizens would eventually be stripped of their weapons, furthering exposing them to the excesses of the Federal government.
c. The courts have made virtual citizens of non-English speaking and ignorant people who are in the country illegally.  They are unwilling to give up their corrupt and thieving cultures, including their language, whence they came.  They guarantee the election of the refuse we have in the Congress which in turn gives them "free" everything and rights even citizens do not have.  Twenty five million people who know little or nothing of our customs, history, language, and Constitution constitutes an invasion by a foreign power.  But it is part of the Marxist plan to split the country into countless separate social groups, wait a bit, and then move in and attack their more isolated enemies (read: the traditional American white man, enlightened blacks, Asians, and Latins who still have some manhood left).
d. The Voting Rights Act guaranteed that our country would become Balkanized (see above) and that base politicians would be able to use their political muscle to steal from their political enemies.  The requirement for languages other than English on ballots ensures that people of different cultures will not understand each other.  This universally leads to civil war.  The Marxists laugh at the suffering they create, along with the Devil, their master.
e. Brown vs. Board of Education made sure that the Federal government would control the schools and the values they teach.  Marxists like Mr. Obama do not care about educating children.  They want to indoctrinate.
f. Feminism has brought about the mass destruction of the family and public morality.  They have hijacked American English with the he/she/them grammatical errors.  They are working tirelessly to turn our military into a sex circus but are unwilling to fight to include young women in the draft laws.
g. Lawrence vs. Texas (which threw out laws prohibiting homosexual behavior) demonstrated the raw power of the judiciary to change ancient and established legal codes while thumbing their noses at the state legislatures.
h. The Federal Courts have cut the heart out of our social order, led by such judicial radicals as H. Lee Sarokin.  Smelly drunks, addicts, and bums have equal standing in public with the best citizens.  If I am allowed to exclude them from my home or restaurant, why do I have to put up them with in libraries, hotels, and other public places?  The next victory will be to require restaurants to serve anyone/anything that shows up.  

If the Federal courts can turn the Constitution, our customs, culture, and language upside down, they can do anything.
There are more instances of the pillars of social order that the cultural, political, and intellectual radicals have torn down – all to the delight of the majority of American voters who are largely ignorant of what lies down the road.
To understand Marxism and its goals is easier if we understand the Devil and what he does.  Like the Devil, Marxists

All of these tactics weaken a society and isolate its members so that the Marxists, at the right time, can seize absolute control.
Who is left to see that justice is done, especially if you are a white man?  We have the Nine who are accountable to no one.  Do we still have a constitutionally based government?  I am not sure.  The Court's destruction of the heart of our Constitution is apparent in its perversion of the Commerce Clause.  I do not have time to discuss how the Environmental Protection Act was one of the biggest Federal power grabs in history.   The Wilderness Act is another.  We are hemmed in on every side, powerless, and unrepresented.  We have only what these God-hating heathen give us.  But many will choose to exercise their right to swim upstream.  Is it not better to spend our energy building up own lives?
If our families, our homes, our lives, our culture, and what is dear to us is being swept away, then some may say, "What do we have to lose?"  These may be the words of desperate men – but not the words of a faithful Christian.

8.  Prepare for firearm confiscation

It is just a short time before the Federal authorities will begin to scoop up our weapons.  Do not think for a moment that the current occupant in the White House will not cease in his efforts – by any means – to disarm all citizens.  In the end, only his agents will be armed along with the drug cartels.  We have women running the country via the ballot box and they – as a whole – hate guns.  The left hates weapons in the hands of citizens because it is easier to trample the unarmed, as is the case in Mexico.  The two branches of government that can order weapons seized (based on the pretext of a recent UN treaty) are in the control of the Marxists.  As is the case with dictatorships, firearms confiscation begins with registration.
We must keep in mind that the LORD is behind the continuing crisis.  He often puts evil men in  power in order to punish a wicked people (c.f. Jer. 25:9ff).  A small number of the righteous may suffer the punishment inflicted on the broader population, as Scripture reminds us.  To oppose such rulers with force will result in us fighting against God and  His plans for the U.S.  We do not want to be like the rebels Azariah and Johanan (Jer. 43:1) who rebelled, ran away, and subsequently died in a foreign land.  Violence against rulers and authorities is wrong for the Christian if we believe the Scriptures.  To counter one of the foundations of the Reformation, all rulers – not just some – have the Divine right to rule.  How often do we need to be reminded that we do not fight against flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12)?
We must not take matters into our own hands.  If anyone does, he should carefully consider the consequences if he should fail.  The people who now control the government are vicious and cruel – they have a long history of this.

9.  Rejoice

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.  – Jesus Christ Mt. 5:12
Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe. – Php. 2:15-16 

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him;
   do not fret when men succeed in their ways,
   when they carry out their wicked schemes.
Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;
   do not fret–it leads only to evil.
For evil men will be cut off,
   but those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land.
A little while, and the wicked will be no more;
   though you look for them, they will not be found.  – Ps. 37:7-10

Be blessed everyone.  Be courageous.  Be prepared for action.  Be alert.  By faith in Christ live holy lives in love and forgiveness.  Do not succumb to the godless and immoral culture.  Remember Germany in 1933. 

The American electorate will gladly abandon more and more of their freedoms for a bit of pottage – as they have just overwhelmingly done.  Let the LORD avenge the wicked.  Be at peace.

"...your kingdom come , your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  Matt. 6:10