The orthodox Christian theology of Hadley Robinson

Billy Graham's interview with Joan Lunden

on Good Morning America September 19, 1991

(Transcribed by Journal Graphics, Inc. Denver, CO. 303-831-9000, available on request)

Lunden: I think people are weighed down today too, don't you, by all the tremendous issues and all the decisions they have to make, and they look to people like you. I know the last time you were on the show with Mike Schneider, he asked you what your position was on abortion, and you said, "There's a Christian position, but I can't say what that is." Can you say what that is now? Have we come to some kind of a feeling?

Rev. Graham: Well, I know what the Bible teaches, that, you know, Jeremiah was called of God before he was born, while he was in his mother's womb. And when Elizabeth was bearing in her womb John the Baptist, Mary went over to see her, and the baby leaped in the womb of Elizabeth. So there is life at that point. And when it comes to abortion, that's a long story that in two or three minutes I couldn't go into.

Lunden: Oh, I know.

Rev. Graham: But there are occasions, I think, when abortion is the only alternative.