The orthodox Christian theology of Hadley Robinson

Walk to Emmaus – How I feel is more important than the truth

by Hadley Robinson

(These were my remarks after attending a "Walk to Emmaus."  It was an eye-opener about faith that is not based on anything concrete.)
Hi Everyone,
I apologize that I am not very good at keeping secrets – it is just not part of my nature, especially with anything Christian.
Marilyn had a special time and, as you can imagine, came to the aid of some hurting ladies up there.  I was so proud, too, that she, Dianne, and Katie defended the apostolic faith when it was challenged.  It was such a blessing for Marilyn to meet some  wonderful Christian women, have some time out; sing, laugh, and cry and receive such love from you all, the staff, and the rest of us.  Thank you so much for helping and ministering!
Speaking of apostolic whatever,  I hope you all are aware that the little paw prints of the false-brother-critters are all over the “Walk to Emmaus” worship book.
I should know as I went to one of their chief seminaries:  Princeton.  The very worst is on page 16 where, in the “Apostles Creed”, those scoundrels leave off “from the dead” and just say “On the third day he rose again”.  Of course, they do this because they DON’T believe Jesus was resuscitated from the dead.  (He has a “spiritual resurrection” in the minds of pantheistic men.)  This is also confirmed in the false brother version of Psalm 23 where they mistranslate “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever” to “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for as long as I live.”
If these false teachers were decent people, they should just let the Scriptures alone and say “we don’t believe this mythology” and be done with it.
Unfortunately, I am not in a good countenance because I just received a letter from the Baptist General Convention of Texas urging [the author's church at the time] “to rejoin your Bible-believing friends”!  They, too, distort and change what the Bible says to fit their "false brother" theology and, worse, make unknowing people think they are loyal to the literal and accurate teaching of Scripture.  I plan to write the chief false brother of the BGCT and ask him what he means by “Bible believing”?  These people rarely publish what they REALLY think about the Bible but, after waiting for years, I discovered in an obscure part of the Princeton Seminary Bulletin an essay by one of the few straight-talking false brothers that said the Resurrection is baloney in plain English.  I am sure they have regretted this leak of their secret.
No one can be a Christian who does not believe that the atoms that Jesus had in His body when He died are no longer in this universe anymore.  It is unfortunate that we have to be so icky in defining what the word “resurrection” means but the false brothers have so defiled, twisted and distorted the Scriptures and basic Christian doctrine that we have to be precise in the use of all terms.  (You should hear the false brothers teach on the raising of Lazarus from the dead – it really has them confused as to what really happened.) 
The man-hating feminists also fouled up Psalm 1, 23 and 100.  The book has a little footnote on p. 16 (in the middle) which says “Alternate psalms translations found on pages 49-51”.  This is another one of their lies and distortions.  The accurate translations are only on pages 49-51.  The “translations” on pages 6, 16, and 17 are not translations at all but distortions of the Hebrew text – the original and only Word of God – and were designed to force feminist pantheism, heresy and false doctrine on unwitting readers (who are most of those who attend “Walks”.)
Now what to do?
As you all know the insides and outsides of the Walk structure, shouldn’t something be done?  If the foundations of the Walk are in the hands of false brothers, why are we having anything to do with it?  I hope it is not in their hands but as I think about it, I am not comforted.  So much of the worship text has false-brother buzz words such as “is risen” (which occurs only once in the NT when the disciples remark about the Resurrection, not having a clue what is going on – like the false brothers.)  The Bible says “raised from the dead” – the transitive meaning.  As the false brothers don’t believe in the real Resurrection, they have to change these things to the intransitive “is risen”.  With the transitive “raised from the dead”, there must be an actor and an acted upon.  This, of course, is something the false brothers loath because there was no real Resurrection.