The orthodox Christian theology of Hadley Robinson

Some Errors of the Reformation

rebellion trumps submission – truth trumps relationships

by Hadley Robinson

Many in the Church are in a panic over what has been happening the last few years, especially the ongoing advance of homosexuality and other forms of sexual misconduct.  With about 50% of the population net receivers of Federal money of one kind or another, we should not be surprised that these takers will vote themselves more out of the public treasury.  With wild and immoral behavior generally accepted by the heathen majority, we should not be surprised if the Church goes along with it all.

It is good to be concerned about the homosexual Anschluss but what about other things which are detestable in God's sight?  Where is the outcry in the Church concerning those who routinely trade wives and husbands?  When we are in agreement with the Creator - Oh joy!  When we are not, "It's a cultural issue and irrelevant for today" or something like that.

The seeds of this behavior was established long ago:

1.) The U.S. was established as a nation by armed rebellion.

2.) Most Christians here have gone along with #1 as it has suited their purposes as they blended their faith with the many “isms” of the 16th century.  However, #1 is contrary to the general teachings of Rom. 13, 1Pet 2, and other Scripture. This is similar to the actions of the Reformers (some of whom were clearly not converted Christians) which suited the purposes of men wishing to dump bad marriages.  This sort of thing is also opposed to the teachings of Scripture and the Church – His Elect – since the foundation of the world.

3.) #2 is largely a result of the excesses of the Reformation which granted humanists and those who embrace egalitarianism a firm foothold in the church. "God wants me to be happy and free."  It is a powerful paradigm, appeals well to the flesh, and is ubiquitous in the American evangelical Protestant church.  It is as if the teaching of the Church and the Bible on this just never existed in the first place.

4.) As a result of #3, armed, organized rebellion against the magistrate became “reasonable and right”.  John Locke's legal fiction took root in the hearts and minds of the people:  The magistrate was not a magistrate because he did not accurately act like one.  Those who opposed the rebellion of the Colonies were brutally suppressed, run off, their property, churches, and homes confiscated or looted.

5.) Along with #4, came other forms of rebellion: Rampant adultery and immorality – the natural offshoots of "God wants me to be happy and free."  When Paul wrote that it is better to marry than burn with passion (1Cor 7:9), he was speaking of men who were engaged, and not of men who, for one reason or another, were already married but not to the wives of their youth.

As a result, we have a President [Mr. Obama was President when this essay was written] who promotes abortion and homosexuality. Roman Catholic Archbishop Burke is quite right about Mr. Obama's speaking (and then receiving an honorary degree) at Notre Dame.  It is an insult to all godly Christians.  But most of the official Roman Church is unhealthy in one way or another, especially the American Jesuits.

We should be thankful that at least some leaders in the Church have the spiritual manhood to speak the truth. What about the car salesmen in the Church (e.g., Rick Warren) who seek the company of the President?  The current Herod is not entirely to blame – he merely represents an ungodly heathen majority that is largely comfortable with rebellion, thievery, adultery, abortion, homosexuality, and every form of immorality. Everyone loves it. “My happiness trumps God's commands and plans” – it seems to be working well at the time.

But it brings to mind this Scripture in Jeremiah:

This is what the LORD says: Look! I am preparing a disaster for you and devising a plan against you. So turn from your evil ways, each one of you, and reform your ways and your actions.  But they will reply, "It's no use. We will continue with our own plans; each of us will follow the stubbornness of his evil heart." – Jer. 18:11-12

So, where have all the watchdogs been concerning adultery these many years?  The heathen love dumping their spouses for another and the Church is all too happy to oblige. Where is the outcry? Unrepentant adulterers have rampaged through the nation and the Church.

Now it is the homosexuals' turn. They are busy removing the public stigma from their vile practices just as the adulterers have successfully done. Along with this there must be demonizing of various core values of the Christian faith but what is new? St. Athanasius knew about the poison of anything that originates with men. Has not this been going on for ages? If the godly complain about the unrepentant adulterers running amok in the Church, what happens? You get demonized.  Before that it was contraception.

Pastor Tim Keller and others have been busy apologizing for how horrible homosexuals have been treated over the centuries as well as dodging clear Biblical teaching on the subject.1

Evangelicals are mesmerized by Keller.  Growing a congregation trumps preaching the truth about sin.  Keller appears to be a sort of conservative offshoot of the emerging church movement in the U.S., a marketing scheme to increase church attendance and make the Church "relevant" in the 21st century.

How does this square with the Gospel preached by Paul, especially what is given in 1Cor. 1-2?  So we should see the broad progression of evil in our culture and we do, just as it happened in pre-exilic Israel and pre-Islamic Asia Minor.  It is the same today – the Biblical Gospel is shunned because of its offense.

Rick Warren misuses Scripture: God does not have wonderful plans for us (Jer. 29:11) but plans for judgment (Jer. 19:7 - see above). The blood of the aborted cries out.  The angels ask, "Where is that man's covenant woman?"  The homosexuals roil the anger of Him who made the universe and everything in it.  Sodomy is so vile that God purposely withheld the truth of the Gospel from the men of Sodom so that He could righteously destroy them all.

Adultery and sodomy are alike as they both are a direct insult to the Creator and His creation, especially the former as it mocks Christ's irrevocable covenant with His Bride, the Church.  While the Church here is largely faithless and filled with unrepentant sin, we – through and by His gracious power – can choose to be like Perpetua, the young Carthaginian martyr of the 4th century.  Is it not a great blessing that He will strengthen His people (however few they may now be) to never burn incense to Caesar?  To give no quarter whatever to the unrighteous demands of the adulterous Herods and the mobs that support them?

What a heavenly treasure to be content with citizenship in a Kingdom that will never end, unlike the one we live in here?  His Church will stand to the End, as He said. In sum, why all the panic concerning the end of our nation?  This has been coming for decades and will not end until our nation-home is dismantled/destroyed. We may be forced to flee (or have the option to do so) along the way but how is that anything new? How can we ever begin to prevail against the heathen here with their slick marketing tools?

All men will hate you because of me. Matt. 10:22

For many, these words of Jesus are incomprehensible:

“Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because he who has suffered in his body is done with sin. As a result, he does not live the rest of his earthly life for evil human desires, but rather for the will of God.” 1Pet 4:1-2 “So then, those who suffer according to God's will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.” 1Pet 4:19 "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

There are many false teachers who are determined to frighten and confuse the flock of God for their own purposes. These types, along with the disobedient antinomians, are not strengthening the church in our land but weakening it, preparing it for destruction.

Perpetua and Esther were mere women but they were not cowards – they were brave and refused the gods of the age in which they lived. They were chaste and holy – obedient to Him. They did not fight against flesh and blood, as James Dobson and so many others have done, but against the great Powers and spirit Lords of the Dark Kingdom with and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

By faith, these young women routed them all.  Why not honor their memory and their brave deeds by imitating them? 

The Reformation began a long process of decay with rebellion and immorality as one of its more prominent aspects.  We see the fruit of it increase with the passing years, especially with the widespread plunge into immorality and narcissism by those claiming to be Christians.  The Church is in chaos in the west.  Many are led by false and self-feeding shepherds.  We can be thankful that our Lord Jesus will accomplish the Father's will and insure that none of His elect will be lost (Jn. 6:39 et al).  If Samson could survive his rebellion and excesses in order to do God's will, there is great hope for us.  God's will for His elect will not be frustrated by any human agency or skill.

Many ponder what to do?  Should they become affiliated with the Church of Rome?  Sadly, she also has a host of problems and distractions, especially the prevalence of homosexual priests.  That is, one may trade the demons he knows for the demons he does not know.  I am unable to give any suggestions as to what to do other than to remain where you are, do good to others, and live your life faithfully with holiness, love, and forgiveness.  Is our joy in what we see or in the unseen?  I am unsure whether listening to the radio preachers and mass marketers of the Gospel is spiritually healthy.  God has appointed local shepherds and given us the Bible to help them be accountable.

There are Christians everywhere and the Spirit rejoices with us when we fellowship together.

The Spirit relentlessly warns us not to fret about the evil in which we find ourselves (e.g. Ps. 37).  It is His world and He will punish evil in the end – each and every men will reap what he has sown, some to eternal life some to death and outer Darkness with torment that never ends.  But is difficult to live among the thieves, the dishonest, and the immoral.  It is easy for us to adopt their ways.  As Saul Bellow once noted, few realize how much people are in the grip of ideas.

The Lord made it clear many times that His Kingdom is not of this world and those who try to find it here will be disappointed and frustrated.

The churches have men in them, too many of which have not been regenerated by the Holy Spirit – their names are not written in the Book of Life (Matt. 22:2ff).  Do not be surprised when you encounter them.  "By their fruit you will recognize them."  Matt. 7:16

Love the brothers at all times.

1As of Dec. 6, 2014, this link is down. It is s a Q & A between Tim Keller and Bryan Chapel of Covenant Theological Seminary (Jan. 20, 2012).  Mr. Keller dodges and dances around the issue of homosexuality.  Is this a godly response?  While Mr. Keller has many good things to say to the Christian community overall, is not the stampede of American culture into immorality of every kind something that should be clearly, firmly, and directly addressed by the Church?  If Keller can dodge the issue, shouldn't everyone do the same?  Jesus Christ refers to homosexuals as "dogs" (Rev. 22:15).   Why are American Christians so frightened of these people and equally concerned about offending them?