The orthodox Christian theology of Hadley Robinson

Feminism Part I - Women in Combat Roles

by Hadley Robinson

This is just another fantasy driven along by women (and some men) whose concern is not national security but foolish and dangerous agendas.

Defying the Creator's defined roles for what He has made is nothing new. Since the beginning, men and women have rebelled in countless ways. In our times, humanist and egalitarian radicals have generated chaos in the family with their doctrines that men and women are the same. Accordingly, most fall in line with the current culture which defines itself by denying personal responsibility and service to others. We should not be surprised to find this attitude widespread in the Church.Selective Service System notice

Women in combat concerns just a small number of women who, otherwise, might not be physically that different than men. If the feminists want to be taken seriously, where is their push to change the draft laws so that both young men and women must register? Currently, the feminists do not have to do the heavy lifting that may occur during a national crisis.  Enlisting in the Armed Forces is an option for them, a game that they can pursue as long as it is convenient and fun.  Real patriotism, on the other hand, is submitting to the draft because anything else means jail.

For every woman that died in the Viet Nam war, 10,000 men died.

What happens when people in combat fall "in love"?

As soon as some conflict gets ugly, a woman can get herself pregnant and be discharged or put on medical leave.  If these feminists were serious, they would insist that pregnant women serve, anyway.  Good luck to the baby....

Defending one's nation against dangerous enemies is not about sexual expression – but not if you live in the land of Star Trek.

Where are the protests concerning the ubiquitous Selective Service System pamphlet reproduced here?

Why are feminists not complaining that women are historically unrepresented in the military graveyards?  That women are virtually non-existent from the MIA and POW lists?  Where is the clamor to even this up?