The orthodox Christian theology of Hadley Robinson

Moral Decay in U.S. Society

by J. Vernon McGee

One of the troubles with the world is that people mistake sex for love, money for brains, and transistor radios for civilization.  It was Dr. Wallace Petty who said that the creed of the press today is,
God is the creation of wishful thinking, religion is a mechanism of escape from reality, man is a glorified gorilla who asks too many questions and represses too many desires, morals are a matter of taste, love is an art, and life is a racket.
That is the viewpoint of some today, by the way, and this wantonness is marked by an arrogant recklessness of justice of the feelings of others.  And I'm giving you Noah Webster's meaning of the word "willfully malicious" and that is today the flouting of this matter that marriage is not essential, that you live with whoever you want to live with – a total disregard of the morality that builds homes and thereby builds a nation.

It was about 1959 that Vice Admiral Robert Galloway was Chief of Naval Air Training.  He told a group of leading educators, businessmen, law enforcement officials, and others that there is a surge of immorality in civilian and military life.  He said, "Moral decay is an acute national problem."  Now remember that was back in 1959.  Think what it is today!  This is something that ought to alarm Christians.  9/26/95